Hong Kong professional portrait and family photographer
Hi there! I am Mariella a portrait and family photographer originally from Italy and currently living in Hong Kong. My work focuses on storytelling, natural style portraiture for children, teenagers and families who don’t like to pose. I create custom art for people’s home with their most precious possession: their family photos.


I am compelled to tell stories in a unique and thoughtful way and since we all have stories to share, let me tell yours.

We feel it all the time. Time flies by, days blur one into the other and we are all busy weaving together the threads of our hectic days. We see ourselves growing older, our kids growing faster than we ever anticipated and we feel the need to stop the time. But we don’t just want to “have photos taken”, we want to create special memories, memories that one day can give us a sense of what our life, our time together was.  Ten years from now we will want to know how our homes look like, revisit those days together, remember our most authentic selves. If this is what you’re looking for, I can do that for you. I can rescue those moments and create photographs with them. You will cherish them forever and their value will be inestimable.

As a photographer I am mostly drawn to human connections and portraits that are a natural expression of that, I am a keen observer and my sessions are the results of my observations.

 My aim is  to create work that is soulful, storytelling,  sometimes quirky and funny but very much my unique interpretation of you. So if you  want to have your family photos taken but you don’t like the cheesy part of it, don’t worry I don’t either. If you are ready to open yourself to the experience to be portrayed through my eyes in an authentic,unique and perhaps a bit unconventional way, drop me a line as I sense we might have something in common.

To me photography is a form of art and that’s the way I approach every shoot.


The bit about me

My first memories linked to photography are images of my mother documenting our lives with her Zeiss Ikon, a camera that I still have and cherish. My love of photography started during a semester at the Beijing Film Academy  and has been nurtured through the years by countless courses and workshops.  I live in Saikung, Hong Kong with my little multicultural tribe that includes three boys and a dog. I am mostly inspired by nature and the sea, music feeds my soul,   I recharge in sunny weather but love rainy afternoons spent reading (a rarity these days). Before becoming a photographer I studied Mandarin, Chinese history and culture and worked in China for a good number of years. Some of the best memories of my life are linked to this country therefore it has a special place in my heart.



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Thank you, so so much, for reading and for being here in the first place, hope to meet you soon.



Profile photos by my dear friend Pim Yanaprasart.