“Mariella took photos (a range of black and white) of my sons football themed birthday party. She captured beautifully the fun that they all had in a series of shots and the action shots were superb. The photos were natural and not posed, thereby capturing the true ‘in the moment’ shots.  I highly recommend her!” Ruth Beuchamp, Hong Kong,  December 2015

While I do believe in different kinds of photographic approaches, I also believe it is important when investing in a photo session to pause for a moment and think about what you want to get out of it. In this sense it is extremely important ,and I know this from personal experience, to find the right photographer to match your vision.

I offer two types of sessions.


Child/family (including maternity and newborn) in home portrait session 

In home sessions offer an intimate, very personal background to your family portraits.After all, what is more personal or comfortable than your own home? When shooting families at home,I encourage people to let go of the idea of perfection.Perfect house, perfect clothing. Although I love to photograph spaces I am not there to photograph the decor, I am there to photograph YOU in your natural environment. Home sessions have a distinctive documentary, photojournalistic feeling and they are very much suitable for both families and newborns. There are certain conditions though that should be met in order to have a successful in home session.

Adequate space, for the family to move around and hang out together and for me to move around with my camera.

Adequate natural light. I don’t use artificial light as it doesn’t really suit the type of photography I am most drawn to so it is absolutely essential for me to work in an environment that is adequately lit by available light.

Child/family (including maternity ) outdoor session

To me the key in photographing children is movement so my ideal photo session takes place in a space that allows freedom of movement while at the same time offering a beautiful scenic background. The choice of the location can be made together and I will be happy to give suggestions. You can choose a place that is meaningful to you or let me go on”location scouting”. It is totally up to you. Outdoor sessions work best for family,children and maternity portraits, not recommended for newborn.

Standard portrait sessions

Portrait services (including professional head shots) are offered upon request, please enquiry for availability and prices.

Mixed media sessions

I plan to start offering sessions that are a mix of video and stills. Stay tuned!



What to expect:

If you have already decided we are a good fit that’s great! Please get in touch here ,but please make sure you read on to learn some essential information about the custom photography experience I offer.

The consultation

An essential part of my process is to set up a pre session consultation. I know you’re very busy but I really would love to have a chat prior to our session to get to know you and your family better and design a great photo experience for you.We will brainstorm ideas about the session and if we are still happy with each other we will schedule the following steps.  I will then be in touch during the time leading to the session with a few reminders about how to best get ready to have a great time and make the most of it.


The session

Session can last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. Most of the details would already be covered during our consultation time so this is usually just a time to have fun and create some magic. I will explain more in details about how to prepare yourself and your kids for your photos but as a general rule of thumb make sure kids are not overtired, bring some snacks with you and please please relax. Kids will feel it if you’re nervous and this generally causes them to be less cooperative.


The online gallery

About three to four weeks after the session pictures will finally be ready for you to view on a private online gallery . This is the time for you to either order a digital collection or any other art products you wish to create with your photos including books and fine art prints.

A word on printing your photographs

While I do offer digital collections, the focus of my work is to make photographs that will eventually become heirlooms for your family and nothing is better for this purpose than creating archival quality prints of your most cherished photos. After all, what is the point of investing in a professional photo session if you don’t get to enjoy your photos on a regular basis? Just think about the countless snapshots stored in your phone, how often do you look at them? How many of them have you ever printed? Have you ever considered editing them and turn them into a book? You’ll see how with some time and patience you can give life to your photos and let them quite literally see the light. Photographs don’t belong to hard drives, they belong to your home or to the pages of a book that you and your family will enjoy year after year. I understand the key word here is “time”. I know your schedule is hectic, which is why even when you opt to purchase digital collections with the aim of making your own prints and albums later one day, that day might never come. So why not putting somebody else in charge and have your photos printed and framed beautifully or turned them into precious heirloom books for you to store forever with little to no effort from your side? If you wish to inquiry about the printing options I offer, I would be happy to help.

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