“Dear Mariella,Thanks a lot for your wonderful job. The photos are so natural. It wasn’t easy with my kids but you did  an amazing job! Thanks for the memories.” Hélène Duche, Hong Kong

Collections start at Hkd 5200, please inquiry for details.


Can you describe your photography style? Is it documentary or lifestyle?

I don’t tend describe my style using one of adjectives most commonly used in the photography world simply because I don’t think my work fully falls in any of these categories. The photojournalistic or documentary style of photography is a way to take photos that aims to document the moment just as it is with no styling and no other added element to the scene portrayed. Portrait photography on the other hand is usually referred to as the kind of photography that is generally posed with the aim to achieve the perfect balance between light and the subject’s body language.  I like to call my work ” documentary portraiture”. Having said that, photojournalism rather than being my style “per se” is for me the inspiration I use to guide me in my photography. I am not a purist of documentary photography and I do add personal touches to a scene. After all I am portraying your family not a conflict zone. I will, for example, create the conditions for my subjects to casually walk towards or stand in the right type of light, I will find a pocket of light that is interesting and use it, I will see a neat corner and use it as a background, I will find ways to have you interact with one another and photograph your expressions, gestures and details of your body language, all within the very loose boundaries of relaxed control,without  any pressure or stiff posing.Is it documentary?Lifestyle? Honestly I don’t know all I can tell you is that is work done with love and great care.


What to expect from a session?

While I always include a few family posed shots,my sessions are mostly unposed, I let the children run free (and often wild ) , I might ask you to jump, to kiss and hug or to say silly things to each other. I love natural light, its softness and the way it shapes people,their faces and their surroundings. And I will use it for all it’s worth .I am not very good at following rules but I do use my own personal internal guideline that is the main ingredient for my sessions and that I have named my 3 M’s rule: music,movement, moment .  I am definitely not the family photographer for everybody but if you’re looking for portraits that are unique and a bit unconventional, if like me have a weakness for black and white fine art photography and would like to add a touch of cinematic mood to your photos please get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you.


What is your approach in photographing children and families?

My approach in photographing children and family is very simple. I like to observe what is in front of me and document it. I will create the conditions for family members to engage with one another ( I usually talk A LOT during my sessions), have fun together, perhaps act a bit in front of the camera but in the end everything that will be revealed will hopefully be a true reflection of who you are in your everyday life. I don’t focus much on outfit and make up but mostly on capturing moments, because this is what I am really interested in. I am very passionate about portraying childhood in a way that is authentic, playful and not contrived. My mission is to give you an honest portrait of your child and your family hopefully taking off the pressure of having to act out in front of the camera and be somebody who you’re not.So if you think you’ll be disappointed if your child doesn’t smile in every photo of the session maybe I am not the right photographer for you because I like to capture every nuance of childhood even the pensive or thoughtful moments.


What to wear for a session?

Ah, what to wear what to wear…the most asked question of all times. My answer is very simple,wear what you love,what makes you feel beautiful, an outfit you’re attached to and you will want to remember, wear what makes you feel YOU or simply what is comfortable. Some photographers might argue that not all outfits photograph well, I do not agree. As my focus is more on the people and connections in the photos than the clothes , I want these to simply be a complement to accompany your story, rather than the main character.I think you know better than I do what is flattering for your body type and I am confident you can make this choice by yourself. Having said that, if you’re really feeling lost and are in need of some inspiration, you can take a look at my style board here or ask for advice, I am always happy to help. For children please follow only one easy rule, no big prints or logos that can be distracting and take attention away from the subject.However, if they want to show up in their super hero costume, let them (I love super heroes and I am very familiar with them), just maybe take a change of clothes with you.




I am concerned my kids won’t cooperate, is there the possibility of a reshoot  in case session is not successful?

When it comes to children, planning is the key. I will give you detailed info on how to best prepare them for their session but as a general rule of thumb you should make sure at the very least they are not over tired or hungry, so please make sure you have some snacks with you to keep the energy level high. Having said that,it is my job to make sure the children will be engaged throughout the session and will have fun in the process. In very special circumstances, should the need arise, I will do my best to accommodate the need of a reshoot.


What printed products do you offer?

Fine art prints presented in an elegant archival box are already included in the two collections I offer. This is because although I give you the freedom of making a book or larger prints by yourself, I still want to retain some kind of control over the printing of your photos. In other words, I don’t want to leave you with only digital files. I believe my job as a photographer is completed only when you get a real photo in your hands. Printing is a tricky process and I want to make sure you know how your prints should look like when made properly.  Other products like books, and larger framed prints can be ordered and be custom made upon request. Please inquiry here .