“Dear Mariella,Thanks a lot for your wonderful job. The photos are so natural. It wasn’t easy with my kids but you did  an amazing job! Thanks for the memories.” Hélène Duche, Hong Kong , October 2015

Session fee is Hkd 1500 and it’s due at booking time.

It includes my time, my creative vision, my shooting and editing/retouching process. The duration of a session depends on how long it will take me to complete the work I have in mind. Expect it to be around 60 minutes for photography sessions and up to two hours  for photography and video sessions. Anything longer than that is bound to make everybody tired.

Session fee does NOT include photos. Please inquiry for the price of digital, printed and video collections.


Why children and families and what is your approach in photographing them?

Quite simply because I realized they are the subjects I like to photograph the most at the moment.  My approach in shooting children and family is very simple. I like to observe what is in front of me and document it. I will create the conditions for family members to engage to one another ( I usually talk A LOT during my sessions), have fun together, perhaps act a bit in front of the camera but in the end everything that will be revealed will hopefully be pretty a true reflection of who you are in your everyday life. I don’t focus much on outfit and make up but mostly on capturing moments, because this is what I am really interested in. I am very passionate about portraying childhood in a way that is authentic, playful and not contrived.


I am concerned my kids won’t cooperate, is there the possibility of a reshoot  in case session is not successful?

When it comes to children, planning is the key. I will give you detailed info on how to best prepare them for their session but as a general rule of thumb you should make sure at the very least they are not over tired or hungry, so please make sure you have some snacks with you to keep the energy level high. Having said that,it is my job to make sure the children will be engaged throughout the session and will have fun in the process. In very special circumstances, should the need arise, I will do my best to accommodate the need of a reshoot.


What printed products do you offer?

To inquiry about my printed/art products please get in touch here and I will send you my products price list. The main products on offer are minimalist,fine art photo books, framed archival prints to add gallery style sophistication to your walls, and fine art prints presented in an elegant archival box.


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